Interior Design Residential & Commercial

  1. Preliminary Phase:
  • Questionnaire for inventory, preferences, and budget
  • Metric documentation and photographic inventory
  • Meeting to finalize details
  • Cost estimate
  1. Design Concept:
  • Schematic planning with 2 options
  • Presentation of 2D layouts
  • Presentation of demolition and/or new construction walls (optional)
  • Concept boards: color scheme, style, and furnishing examples
  • Final concept
  1. Execution Project and Specifications:
  • Technical floor plans and details: specifications for coatings and surface design of the commissioned spaces.
  • Detailed technical documentation of the project (wall treatments, plumbing, electrical, heating, flooring)
  • Technical demolition/construction plan (optional)
  1. 3D Plans and Shopping List
  • Delivery of 3D plans for each room
  • Detailed shopping list
  • Assistance with order processing

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